Fe 6% EDDHA, 4,8% ORTHO -ORTHO Water Soluble Microgranules

Prevents and corrects Iron chlorosis on all kind of crops thanks to its high stability and persistence in basic pH soils with high lime concentration.


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Prevents and corrects iron-induced chlorosis on all crops through its persistence and high stability in alkaline pH soils and high levels of active limestone.
The high solubility of VIGOREX® PREMIUM Fe 6% EDDHA enhances the rapid and efficient penetration of the product into the soil and up through the root system, thus ensuring the optimum efficacy of the product.
VIGOREX® PREMIUM Fe 6% EDDHA contins 6% iron chelated by the acid EDDHA and contains 4.8% Fe in the form of the ortho-ortho isomer, which ensures high stability in alkaline pH soils and high levels of active limestone.


  • VIGOREX PREMIUM Fe can be used after dilution on irrigation water, and is suitable for all irrigation systems (localized, drip to drip irrigation, micro-aspersion, etc)

Analysis *

Water soluble chelated iron (Fe) 6%
Ortho-Ortho isomer rate 4.8%
Stability of chelated fraction pH 3 - 10
Aspect Dark red microgranules

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