Balance nutrition of the crop assures better food quality and yield. To maximize yields it is important to apply fertilizers at the right time and the right dose, and the quality of what we apply.

Nutrion range assures:


Nutrion matches all the requirements for efficient fertigation

Nutrion® Range

Nutrion Range guarantees a High Quality Plant Nutrition. All our products are low in chloride, free of sodium and other detrimental elements. They are fully consumed by the plants, thereby leaving no harmful residues in the soil.

Fertimed can also offer tailor-made formulas. Please contact us and we will do our best to offer you the best solution.



  • The only fertilizer capable of supplying potassium and nitrogen simultaneously to the plant.
  • Efficiently uptake by the roots due to K+ and NO3- synergy.


  • High purity with no S and low in chloride.
  • 100% nitric nitrogen
  • Heavy metals free


  • Highly concentrated fertilizer units (60UF)


  • Efficient nutrition and environmentally friendly.

Nutrient availability

  • Quick results in every crop.
  • Optimum nutrition N+K: 2 essential elements in development and growing stages

Other Advantages

  • Excellent correlation between nutrient supply and nutrient requirements.
  • Better harvest quality. Better yields.

Nutrion®-NPK and Foliar


  • High quality raw materials, highly soluble.

Nutrient availability

  • Nutritional elements in the right form for plant absorption.

Quick and easy to apply

Good value

  • 1 product with the 3 essential elements + secondary's + TE


  • No clogging. Irrigation equipment easy to preserve.
  • Heavy metals free


  • Efficient nutrition and environmentally friendly.


Nutrient availability & nutrient liberation

  • Controlled released fertilizer. Designed to release available nutrients to the soil solution slowly and continuously over months.

Release regulation

  • The relase rate depends upon and its solely dictated by the soil temperature. The release rate increases as temperature rises, just as happens with plant uptake.


  • Polymer coated, water soluble nutrients are encapsulated in a polymeric shell, that prevents inmediate dissolution of fertilizer when applied to the soil. the thickness of the shell determines the longevity of nutrients release.


  • Minimized losses through leaching, volatilization or fixation in the soil.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Nutrion® -NPK granular complex


  • Best K source: Potassium nitrate based formulas


  • Very soluble raw materials ensuring an efficient nutrient uptake by the plant.
  • P highly water soluble and highly available


  • Low in sodium and chloride
  • Heavy metals free


  • All-in-one nutrition: All the advantages of NPK Complex fertilizer. Homogeneous composition in each granule, ensures uniform plant nutrition.