18-9-18+2+TE / 14-14-17+2+TE


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NUTRION NPK granular COMPLEX fertilizer combines all the advantages of « all in one » granules.
Provides your crops with potasium nitrate benefits and all essential macro and micro nutrients.
High quality K source, potasium nitrate based formulas. Highly soluble P and balanced N nutrition due to both nitric and ammonium forms of nitrogen.
Assures an homogeneous distribution of nutrients, providing a better and more uniform nutrition than blended fertilizers.
Low in sodium and chloride, with low salt index. Ideal for salt-sensitive crops and for use under hot, dry climates, where salinity problems are severe.


NUTRION NPK GRANULAR ideal for open field, greenhouses and orchards.

NUTRION NPK GRANULAR can be applied as top dressing or refumure.


Analysis *

18-9-18+TE 14-14-17+TE
Nitrogen 18 % 14 %
Nitric Nitrogen (N-NO3) 9.7 % 4.8 %
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N-NH4) 9 % 9.2 %
Phosphoric Anhydride (P205) Water soluble 9 % 14 %
Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) Water soluble 18 % 13 %
Potassium Oxide (K20) Water soluble 18 % 17 %
Sulfuric Anhydride 12 % 17 %
Magnesium Oxide total 2 % 2 %
Magnesium Oxide Water soluble 1.6 % 1.6 %
Iron Water soluble 0.10 % 0.10 %
Zinc Water soluble 0.02 % 0.02 %

* Data relates only to the specific material.
* Analysis may be different due to grades and /or ingredients and/or quantities used in the different formulations.
* Analysis may not be valid for a given material if used in combination with any other materials or in any process, unless specified in the text.